As an unprecedented experience in undergraduate teaching, the Stevanovich Institute on the Formation of Knowledge (SIFK) will be offering a new capstone seminar each quarter of 2018-19. These team-taught courses are for fourth-year students only, and will challenge them to build upon their UChicago educational experience by adding practice, impact, and influence as important dimensions for undergraduate education.

XCAP courses will incorporate a variety of topics and frameworks, but inherent in each of these courses are the following three elements:

  • An element of practice, a result in a product, or a measurable impact;
  • An appeal to students from all the College divisions, bringing students together from different divisions for maximal interaction of different points of view.
  • A part of the college experience specifically designed for relevance to post-college life.

All XCAP courses will be team-taught by faculty from different Divisions or Schools, and will involve two or three faculty or postdoctoral fellows. Students may take one, two, or three quarters of the sequence as they wish. Admission will be by application.