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In keeping with UChicago’s tradition of rigorous inquiry, the Institute brings together scholars, researchers, and educators from around the world to communicate across boundaries and develop new dialogues around knowledge in varying contexts. Our research spans histories, cultures, and disciplines.

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Our mission is to educate a new generation to approach contemporary problems with historical worldviews, interdisciplinary methodologies, and cross-cultural understanding.

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Get to know our people and their research, from our core faculty to our postdoctoral researchers.

2018-20 Research Theme: Genetic Medicine and Eugenics

Every two years, SIFK announces a new research theme designed to shape some of the work undertaken at the Stevanovich Institute during that period and to be the focus of our biannual conference.

KNOW Journal

KNOW: A Journal on the Formation of Knowledge investigates the construction, transmission, and contestation of knowledge forms.

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For the Public

A Meeting of the Minds: Business and the Human

In this new series by SIFK and Booth, leading thinkers in business & the humanities consider the ways that human phenomena interact within the framework of business and the economy.

Visit an Exhibit @ The Institute by Audrius Plioplys, neuroscientist and artist.

Visit SIFK to view the work of Audrius Plioplys, neuroscientist and artist, on exhibit throughout the 1st and 2nd floors from October 2018 to Spring 2019. Can't make it to Chicago? Take a virtual tour.

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In the SIFK BLOG!, our researchers explore what comic books can do for the medical profession, what Marvel’s Black Panther tells us about science in Africa, and more!

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Open to Contributors

Submit your manuscript to KNOW: A Journal on the Formation of Knowledge via the online system at University of Chicago Press Journals.

Our Courses

View KNOW undergraduate and graduate courses for the 2018-19 academic year.

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SIFK supports conferences, lectures, and other events at the University of Chicago that explore questions of knowledge formation throughout the ages.

In the News

How #Article13 is like the Inquisition: John Milton Against the EU #CopyrightDirective

UChicago Historian and SIFK Faculty Member Ada Palmer talks censorship, from English printing in 1662 to the EU's 2019 Directive on Copyright.

'The Fetus in Utero' exhibit reveals mysteries of the womb

SIFK's Margaret Carlyle and Brian Callender curate an exhibit which traces the evolving understandings of the female body in medicine and society.

Smaller teams produce more innovative research

In a new paper published by Nature, University of Chicago researchers examined 60 years of publications and found that smaller teams were far more likely to introduce new ideas to science and technology, while larger tea

Purely Evidence-Based Policy Doesn’t Exist

Nobel laureate and SIFK Professor Lars Peter Hansen on why data needs theory to be useful

Politically Polarized Teams Produce Better Work

UChicago’s Knowledge Lab analyzed Wikipedia pages to find that collaborations with balanced ideological diversity and strong guidelines produce higher quality articles