Q&A: Scholar from Puerto Rico discusses research project with UChicago faculty

October 11, 2018

University of Puerto Rico Professor Evaluz Cotto-Quijano discusses her research, its impact on Puerto Rico, and what's next.

Wu Hung will deliver the 2018 Nuveen Lecture at The Divinity School

October 10, 2018

Wu Hung will deliver a talk titled "Miraculous Icons and Dynastic Time: Narrating Buddhist Images in Medieval China."
In the Media

Professor Wu Hung (East Asian Languages and Civilizations) in an interview with Tableau Magazine

October 03, 2018

Wu Hung discusses his interest in art history, his 2020 Smart Museum exhibit, and more.
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How an Apple Watch can cause problems for the healthcare industry

September 17, 2018

Professor Adam Cifu and other healthcare experts sound off on how the electrocardiogram (ECG) app may deliver false positives to users that overburden the healthcare industry.

Two Institute members named as researchers on Foundation of Polish Science TEAM grant project

August 10, 2018

Visiting Professor Adam Kola & IFK faculty member Haun Saussy join "Core Concepts of Historical Thinking" project team

Institute Director Shadi Bartsch-Zimmer to deliver four lectures at Oberlin College and Conservatory

August 10, 2018

The Martin Lectures at Oberlin have been presented since 1929, and are among the most prestigious lecture series in Classics in the country.

Looking for a Good Book?

July 16, 2018

Who says that lying on the beach isn't exercise? Exercise your mind with the Formation of Knowledge Summer Reading List!
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Lars Peter Hansen Joins Chinese Committee Focused on Societal Implications of Technology

June 28, 2018

Alibaba Group announced the establishment of Luohan Academy, an open research platform created to address challenges faced by societies arising from the rapid development of digital technologies.

What can comic books do for the medical profession?

June 19, 2018

UChicago physician Brian Callender explains "graphic medicine."

National Gallery names art historian Wu Hung as 2019 Mellon Lecturer

June 11, 2018

Institute affililated faculty member Wu Hung will deliver the 68th annual A.W. Mellon Lectures on the Fine Arts at the National Gallery of Art.

Read the Institute’s Spring 2018 Newsletter

June 01, 2018

In this issue: XCAP, KNOW Volume 2.1, meet the 2018-19 fellows, see summer events, and mark your calendar for our 2018-19 workshop lineup!
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Here are 185 books Bill Gates has read and thinks you should too

May 30, 2018

UChicago Professor & Institute Faculty Member James A. Robinson's "Why Nations Fail" is on the list.
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ASCO 2018: How a major medical meeting uses embargoes to shape the news, & the consequences

May 18, 2018

UChicago's Adam Cifu, MD, sounds off on the dangers in medical practice of adopting research findings prematurely.
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‘Largest’ microbiome study weighs in on our gut health

May 16, 2018

Medical News Today discusses implications for our dietary practices based on largest human microbiome study ever conducted, spearheaded in part by IFK Faculty Member, Jack Gilbert (Dept. of Surgery).

Congrats, Haun!

May 10, 2018

Haun Saussy has been awarded the René Wellek Prize by the American Comparative Literature Association for his book Translation as Citation: Zhuangzi Inside Out.