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Drawn to Comics

May 15, 2019

See what "Medicine on the Midway" has to say about SIFK Faculty member Brian Callender's class "Graphic Medicine"
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From the Vault: Carl Zimmer on Heredity’s Power

May 14, 2019

Listen to 2020 Conference speaker Carl Zimmer discuss heredity's power on the "From the Vault" podcast.
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Recap: An atheist and two believers debate the future of religion

May 10, 2019

If you couldn't make "Religion, Identity, and the Construction of Faith," take a look at UChicago Magazine's recap of our sold out event!
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Can democracy survive?

May 10, 2019

Law Professor and SIFK Faculty member Tom Ginsburg sits down with the UChicago Magazine to explore populism and other threats to our political system.
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Should Athletes Be Allowed to Enhance Their Genes?

May 09, 2019

Marcy Darnovsky, a feature speaker at our 2020 Genetic Medicine and Eugenics Conference, weighs in on the ethics of genetic doping.
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Tom Pashby discusses quantum mechanics.

April 10, 2019

SIFK core faculty member Tom Pashby appears on the Elucidations podcast.

Why public distrust could prove ‘corrosive’ to U.S. democracy

April 03, 2019

Presidential scholar and SIFK faculty member William Howell discusses Trump, threats to government
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Why Is Silicon Valley So Obsessed With the Virtue of Suffering?

April 03, 2019

Ada Palmer helps provide insight on why the Stoics continue to be the dominant thought leaders impacting the tech world.
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Why Trump’s decision to intervene in campus speech policies is so dangerous

April 03, 2019

SIFK Faculty Member Ada Palmer explains that while Trump might be encouraging unrestricted speech, he’s creating a method for others to do the opposite.
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How #Article13 is like the Inquisition: John Milton Against the EU #CopyrightDirective

March 25, 2019

UChicago Historian and SIFK Faculty Member Ada Palmer talks censorship, from English printing in 1662 to the EU's 2019 Directive on Copyright.

Call for Papers: Genealogies of Knowledge II

March 18, 2019

Genealogies of Knowledge II will continue to explore how forms of mediation participate in the production and contestation of knowledge.

Purely Evidence-Based Policy Doesn’t Exist

March 12, 2019

Nobel laureate and SIFK Professor Lars Peter Hansen on why data needs theory to be useful

SIFK Faculty Member John Goldsmith Publishes New Book: “Battle in the Mind Fields”

March 07, 2019

John Goldsmith and Bernard Laks embark on an interdisciplinary history of the genesis of linguistics.

How did the Fetal Ultrasound Become Such an Iconic Image?

March 06, 2019

Margaret Carlyle and Brian Callender discuss the evolution of the image of the fetus. This blog is based off of their current exhibit on display in the Regenstein Library Special Collections.

Politically Polarized Teams Produce Better Work

March 05, 2019

UChicago’s Knowledge Lab analyzed Wikipedia pages to find that collaborations with balanced ideological diversity and strong guidelines produce higher quality articles