The Stevanovich Institute on the Formation of Knowledge is renovating the building at 5737 South University Avenue and will celebrate the opening of its new home in Fall 2017. The architectural principles of the building reflect SIFK's own commitment to innovative and collaborative work, shying away from boxy spaces and inviting discussion in its many shared venues.

The project will be completed by the architecture firm, BNIM, and follow a commitment to sustainable building practices. Their collaborative design method called the High-Performance Integrated Design (HPID) will define the building's open space and encourage cooperative research, friendly dialogue, as well as more formalized practices of scholarship.  As described on their site, their approach "interweaves all aspects of a building, site, interior spaces, building systems and human considerations to produce architecture that is environmentally responsible, functionally appropriate, responsive to locale, and beautiful."

During the interim period, the Institute will be located on the second floor of Beecher Hall at 5848 South University Avenue. To make an appointment to visit, please contact us.