Presentations in the Cultures and Knowledge Workshop Series range across historical and disciplinary boundaries, and provide a major component of SIFK's inquiry into the process of knowledge formation and transmittal from antiquity to the present day. SIFK faculty, postdocs, fellows and guests present research-in-progress for real-time feedback from a broadly cross-disciplinary community of scholars. Presentations take the form of a 45-minute presentation followed by a lively 25 minute discussion, and are open to all members of the University of Chicago community.

Noon-1:20 PM via Zoom

Please see the events calendar to register. 

Monday, November 1

Of Types and Trees: Evolutionary Thought, Ancient DNA and Research on the Human Past

Hannah Moots 

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Monday, November 15

The Dog Years: A History of Beagle Science

Brad Bolman

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Monday, November 29

Fact Culture: Polling and the Politics of Objectivity

Tal Arbel

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In the Media

Dr.Adam Cifu on Medical Conservatism

December 02, 2021

In the Media

Shannon Lee Dawdy’s ‘American Afterlives’ charts growing marketplace for new death rituals

November 15, 2021

SIFK Faculty and Research Grant Recipient Shannon Lee Dawdy's book 'American Afterlives: Reinventing Death in the 21st Century' charts growing marketplace for new death rituals.
In the Media

America Needs a New Scientific Revolution

November 05, 2021

James Evans' research on scientific progress and the "ossification" of research
In the Media

Dido’s Bar: The Origin Myth featuring Shadi Bartsch Zimmer

October 27, 2021

Dido's Bar podcast with guest Shadi Bartsch on Virgil's Aeneid, why it's so brilliant and how it's retained so much resonance and significance today
In the Media

SIFK Postdoc Jordan Bimm comments on Jeff Bezos’ commercial space station

October 26, 2021

Blue Origin, the private aerospace company owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, announced plans Monday to launch a commercial space station, named Orbital Reef.
In the Media

SJ Zhang discusses “marronage” in the Caribbean in Teen Vogue article

October 15, 2021

African Americans who escaped from bondage participated in an influential, nearly lost part of American history.
In the Media

New ideas are struggling to emerge from the sea of science

October 15, 2021

A flood of scientific papers may be paradoxically preventing new ideas from advancing — and slowing the progress of science.
In the Media

You Can Buy Spaceflight History Now

October 13, 2021

Jordan Bimm comments on William Shatner, Captain Kirk, first real flight into space
In the Media

SIFK Faculty Tom Ginsburg and Power to the People: Constitutionalism in the Age of Populism

October 08, 2021

Watch Harvard Law You-Tube Video of panel discussion including Tom Ginsburg
In the Media

Lars Peter Hansen says central banks lack tools fight climate change

October 06, 2021

Nobel Laureate, economist and SIFK Faculty Lars Peter Hansen describes climate-focused stress tests as "a superficial attempt to address a very challenging problem"
In the Media

How the Renaissance Challenged the Church and Influenced the Reformation

October 01, 2021

SIFK Faculty Ada Palmer shares how the Humanism movement broadened the palette of ideas people were thinking about during the Renaissance on the History Channel

The power and politics of fetal imagery

October 01, 2021

SIFK Faculty Brian Callendar and Former Postdoc Margaret Carlyle explore the history of the image of the fetus and current implications on politics, policy and culture in The Lancet

17 Major sci-fi and fantasy books arriving in fall 2021

September 27, 2021

Open a book and brand new world. Institute Faculty Ada Palmer's Perhaps the Stars makes the top list of new sci-fi books.

Dogs for Life: Beagles, Drugs, and Capital in the Twentieth Century

September 27, 2021

Brad Bolman tracks the transformation of beagle dogs from a common breed in mid-twentieth century American laboratories to the de jure standard in global toxicological research by the turn of the 21st
In the Media

The Serendipity of Llama Biocapital

September 27, 2021

Institute Postdoc Brad Bolman explores the fascinating history of llamas and camels in contemporary biotechnology