The Stevanovich Institute on the Formation of Knowledge will offer two 6th- and 7th-year dissertation research fellowships for graduate students whose work touches on our 2016-18 research theme, Comparing Practices of Knowledge.  PhD students from any UChicago division or school may apply, provided they have reached candidacy by the application deadline of Wednesday, February 28, 2018. These awards may not be held later than year seven. 

Awards for the academic year will include a stipend of $20,000, tuition, fees, and health insurance (if elected), as well as the opportunity to apply for reimbursement of conference expenses (up to $700) when presenting papers during the fellowship year. Students can hold no other award while on the SIFK tenure, but the terms of the fellowship do permit students to engage in other remunerative activities (such as teaching), and do not preclude students from applying for dissertation completion grants or other University funding in subsequent years.  The requirements for fellowship recipients are:

  • enrollment in two out of three quarters of the SIFK core seminar (KNOW 401, 402, 403) prior to the beginning of the fellowship (considerations will be made for students who have only completed one, but priority will be given to those who have completed both)
  • residency on campus during the 2018-19 academic year;
  • participation in the SIFK workshop on the theme of Comparing Practices of Knowledge;
  • admittance to candidacy by the application deadline; and
  • reports of ongoing progress and results in dissertation research related to the SIFK research theme.

An office space will be provided for fellows, and there is an expectation that the space will be actively utilized and that fellows will participate in the life of the Institute, such as its conferences, discussions, workshops, social hours, and other activities taking place.

Please submit your application by filling out this form.  This should be accompanied by (1) a one-page letter explaining how your research relates to the 2016-18 SIFK research theme, (2) two letters of recommendation from faculty, (3) an up-to-date c.v., (4) a sample chapter, essay, or article, 5) a plan of work for the 2018-19 academic year, and 6) a current transcript.  The recommendation letters and transcripts should be sent directly to

Applications are now open. The deadline for all applications is February 28, 2018. Award decisions will be announced in mid-March. At the completion of the fellowship, students are required to submit a short report to the Committee. Please send any questions to